March 23-April 27th: Henry Finkelstein MFA ’83: Paintings

From March 23 to April 27th, 2024, head over to Valley House Gallery in Dallas, Texas to see the work of Henry Finkelstein MFA ’83.

Of the exhibition, Finkelstein says, “These are paintings I did mostly in France over the last two years; first in the town of Sainte-Alvère in the Périgord, and more recently in Northern Brittany near Pommerit-le-Vicomte. I like to paint spaces that have some up and down shifts in them, not mountainous exactly, but not flat plains either. I also like if there’s something old in them which is part of what I love about working in France. They have trees and churches that are sometimes 500 years old, and well-worn paths that have been used for centuries. The human trace on the landscape is important to me.” “The color and space of a motif sparks a sentiment in me. It’s a feeling for the place I’m in, but it’s also a sort of abstract feeling stirred by my activity in the landscape. I find rhythms through drawing, and this leads to a color statement. I try to remain focused on my original sentiment as I paint, but I probably couldn’t describe it in words. It’s something I feel from the light. I love Bonnard’s phrase “A sentiment that holds the wall.”

Find out more on the exhibition’s website here.

Photo credit: Henry Finkelstein.