April 5-July 27, 2024 Suzanne Chamlin MFA’89: Studies in Color

From April 5 to July 27th, head over to Fairfield University’s Bellarmine Hall Galleries to see the recent work of Suzanne Chamlin MFA ’89. On April 4th, the exhibit’s opening night, hear a lecture from Chamlin herself.

From the exhibit’s website:

“In this exhibition of recent work, Chamlin explores ideas about color theory and light through a series of landscape and interior stills. Since 2012, the artist has carefully charted her paints using the Munsell color system, which analyzes colors in terms of hue (the color itself), value (relative light and dark) and chroma (level of saturation or brilliance). For each of her paintings, Chamlin sets a highly specific palette; experimentation within this limited range then guides her decisions about process and pictorial space.”

See here for more details.

Photo Credit: Suzanne Chamlin, Painter Hill Road 2, 2022. Photo by Malcolm Varon, nyc.