Pauli Murray College Mural by Mickalene Thomas MFA ’02 Unveiled

At the end of March, Pauli Murray College unveiled a mosaic mural by Mickalene Thomas MFA ’02, that, as Tina Lu, head of Pauli Murray College put it would be “monumental,” “enduring,” and “challenging.”

Made with thousands of varying-sized enamel tiles, the mural features a giant black-and-white image of a smiling Pauli Murray as a young adult, gazing out toward a blue sky. Interspersed with fragments of sky are depictions of pink- and green-hued flowers and plants, leaves, and abstract shapes.

Read the full Yale News article here.

Photo Credit: The new mural in the dining hall of Pauli Murray College, which honors its namesake, features a portrait of Murray when she was about the same age as the undergraduates in the residential college, with a long future as a champion of civil and women’s rights still ahead. (Photo by Allie Barton)