Kehinde Wiley MFA ’01 Exhibition”An Archaeology of Silence” at SF’s DeYoung through Oct. 2023

From March 18th to October 15th, Kehinde Wiley MFA ’01 has the exhibition “An Archaeology of Silence” on display at San Francisco’s DeYoung Museum. The exhibition “confronts the silence surrounding systemic violence against Black people through the visual language of the fallen figure.”

As The New York Times’ Deonne Searcey notes, “The show, which debuted last year at the Venice Biennale, has a particular resonance opening in a nation reeling from the latest in a string of police killings of Black men — merely one segment of a long national timeline of brutality against Black and brown people.”

Read more about the exhibition at this New York Times article or on the exhibition’s museum page.

Photo Credit: Ian C. Bates for The New York Times. Art: Kehinde Wiley, Foreground: “Young Tarentine (Mamadou Gueye),” 2021. Background: “Young Tarentine I (Babacar Mané),” 2022, after Alexandre Schoenewerk’s 1871 sculpture.