Shikeith MFA ’18 at Yossi Milo Gallery Summer 2022

“Grace is the condition of being blessed. It also describes a certain effortless movement: it is meant to come to us with ease. But for his debut exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery, multidisciplinary artist Shikeith MFA’ 18 warns us via the show’s title that for Black queer people, “grace comes violently.” The gentle yet tense photographs, sculptures, and five-channel video-cum-sculpture work here redefine this quality of ease and divinity with remarkable power.

“For the artist, grace is burdened by the past: like a spirit, it can be imperceptible but everywhere.”

Shikeith’s debut exhibition at Yossi Milo Gallery was on display from May 14 to June 25.

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Photo credits: Shikeith, Feeling the Spirit in the Dark, 2021, diptych, ink-jet prints 32 x 66 3/4″.