Hrvoje Slovenc MFA’10 releases DIS/Inheritance: New Croatian Photography

Hrvoje Slovenc MFA’10, along with Don Mengay and Linda Mateljan, released DIS/Inheritance: New Croatian Photography, a collection of contemporary photography from nine Croatian photographers, including Slovenc himself. The photography comes from a variety of backgrounds, from academic to professional, all united under a Croatian heritage. The book features some photography which “emphasize[s] formal, aesthetic concerns related to framing, light, and temporality, while others focus on philosophical, political, and psychological themes connected to identity, including gender and nationality.”

According to his website, Slovenc, in the past, has been featured around the world, from the Past is Now, in the M√ľnchner Stadtmuseum in Munich, Germany, to Traversing the Past, in the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago.

For more information and to purchase the book, visit the book’s website.