Aaron Marcus: Early Works

Aaron Marcus MFA’68 is being featured in an exhibition at BAMPFA, which is a complete showcase of Marcus’ early works. Interdisciplinary at heart, Marcus was educated in physics, mathematics, and philosophy, until he began a career in art. His artworks are often based on the intricate details of mathematics; patterns and geometries come to life in his prints. According to the museum:

Using standard typographical symbols, Marcus experimented with a photo-typesetting machine connected to a digital computer, reordering the symbols and their uses to create new meanings. The resulting works were meant to be seen as white symbols against dark fields, in which both the negative and positive space are significant. In these multicolored transformations of his original computer-generated forms, printed as lithographs and serigraphs, the artist makes connections between art, science, design, and visual poetry.

Marcus’ exhibition will be on display through June 30th.