Sam Contis ’08MFA Featured in Financial Times

The Financial Times wrote an article last week highlighting the work of Sam Contis ’08MFA. Contis’ latest work focuses on Deep Springs College, an all-male school in California. For Contis, the school exemplifies much of the Western United States. In her interview she said, “The American West always felt like such a distant place to me — even a fantasy of a place, perhaps because it’s been so mythologised. There’s a certain iconography that’s been imprinted into our imaginations. But spending time at Deep Springs helped me realise just how much more multi-faceted the West actually is. In making this work, I wanted to try to reimagine my sense of this place, and in some ways to construct a new visual language for myself.”

The photography collection will be on display at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive until August 27th. You can learn more about the exhibition here.