Wangechi Mutu ’00 MFA: Ndoro Na Miti

Wangechi Mutu ’00 MFA has a sculpture exhibition currently featured at the Gladstone Gallery. The gallery explains that “this installation proposes an alternative to the systemic modes of representation in both Western and Eastern traditions by reimagining and recontextualizing the relations between the body, the natural world, and social forces. Well known for collages of hybrid forms drawn from folklore, popular culture, and art history, this new work marks an evolution in Mutu’s critique of the construction of self-image. The complex texture and form that these figures offer prompt inquiry into the relationship between human existence and environment, producing interactions both intimate and challenging.”

Mutu will also have solo exhibitions at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, Belgium and The Contemporary Austin, Texas later this year.