Jeff Perrott ’92 MFA “Dark Tomorrow” Exhibition

As his fifth solo exhibition in the Morgan Lehman Gallery, Jeff Perrott ’92 MFA has new oil paintings on display. Perrott explains that the works are part of his larger “Random Walks” project which fuses abstract painting and chance. The gallery describes the exhibition as “subverting the traditional figure-ground relationship. Each painting presents a ground that is functionally chameleonic: simultaneously sheer depth, blind terrain, and a sort of embodied uncertainty. As one’s eyes adjust to close-value chromatic shifts on the surface of the paintings, high contrast marks give way to more complex, dark, sinewy tangles, with portions of the wandering lines receding into inky black.”

The gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10 AM – 6 PM. The exhibition will be on display until March 25th.