Lauren Halsey ’14 MFA at the 2024 Venice Biennale

Lauren Halsey ’14 MFA, one of 9 Yale artists at the 2024 Venice Biennale, has received lots of attention for her contributions to Biennale’s main exhibition. Her “Keepers of the Krown” sculptures are a collection of pillars with hieroglyphs that depict sphinxified portraits of artists and friends from the South Central LA neighborhood from which Halsey hails.

Jasmine Sanders with GQ writes, as Halsey’s “star has risen in the art world, that hyperlocal vision has been exported all over the world,” including Venice itself.

Halsey and others are on view at the Biennale until November 26.

Read the full GQ feature here.

Photo credit: Gus Powell / The New York Times. Resting near Lauren Halsey’s work “Keepers of the Krown” after a long day in Venice.