Martin Puryear B.F.A. ’71, M.F.A. ’71, D.F.A. (Hon.)’94 Awarded 2020 Getty Medal

In 2020, Martin Puryear B.F.A. ’71, M.F.A. ’71, D.F.A. (Hon.)’94, was among 3 artists honored with the Getty Medal, recognizing Puryear’s contributions to the arts and humanities.

The Getty Trust writes of Puryear’s work, “Mr. Puryear’s sculpture has been recognized for more than 50 years for its abstract organic forms. ‘Martin Puryear’s powerful hand-crafted sculpture delves deeply into African American history, while reflecting global influences in craft and material,’ said Mr. Cuno. ‘His work combines traditional techniques with timeless cultural references. He inspires us every day with That Profile, his towering work at the Getty Center.’

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Photo credit: Photo by Francesca Bottazzin