Alteronce Gumby MFA ’16 On the Cosmic Influence On His Work

Recently, Alteronce Gumby MFA ’16 was interviewed by Ashley Tiner at Vice’s I-D on the cosmic influence on his work. Tiner describes how, “Alteronce pushes colour theory into a liberatory space — troubling colour’s use as a tool to interpret human value, and instead using it to transport us past social structures into subconscious territories.”

We radicalize color for our own intention. We politicize it and use it as a weapon, to degrade one race of human beings from another. So for me to combat that for myself, to liberate myself from these certain notions — especially being a Black man living in America — I have used my work and the vehicle of abstract painting to expand and liberate my own consciousness.” 

Alteronce Gumby MFA ’16

Read the full interview here.

Photo credits: Photography Xavier Avery.