Sarah Sze BA’91 at Guggenheim Starting March 31

Sarah Sze BA’91 has an upcoming exhibition at the Guggenheim museum. From March 31 through September 10, 2023, you can find the exhibition, Sarah Sze: Timelapse from the exterior of the museum to the sixth level of the rotunda and the adjacent tower level gallery. Described by Richard Armstrong, the Guggenheim’s outgoing director as “insisting on a synthesis…in our visually fragmented world,” the exhibition explores “Sze’s ongoing reflection on how our experience of time and place is continuously reshaped in relationship to the constant stream of objects, images, and information in today’s digitally and materially saturated world.”

Read more about Sze in this recent Wall Street Journal article. Read more about the exhibition in this Guggenheim press release.

Photo Credit: Gioncarlo Valentine for WSJ. Magazine