Tala Madani MFA ’06 “Biscuits” Exhibition at the MOCA until Feb 2023

Tala Madani MFA ’06 has an exhibition, “Biscuits” at the Los Angeles MOCA. It runs through February 19th.

Art Critic Christopher Knight reviewed the exhibition for the LA Times, saying,

Madani’s work is like a truant love child of scatological transgressions by the late Mike Kelley and the feminist media smarts of artist Barbara Kruger. Deftly organized by MOCA curator Rebecca Lowery, guest curator Ali Subotnick and curatorial assistant Paula Kroll, and accompanied by a very good catalog, it carries the curious title “Tala Madani: Biscuits.” An aghast utterance — made up and vaguely patrician, like a socially acceptable vulgarity sputtered by an annoyed King Charles III — “biscuits” is an exclamation of sheerest absurdity, about which you want to know more.

Christopher Knight, Art Critic, Los Angeles Times

Read the full review here.

Photo credit: Tala Madani, “Guts,” 2011, oil on linen. (Christopher Knight / Los Angeles Times)