Wangechi Mutu MFA ’00 Storm King Show until Nov. 9

Wangechi Mutu MFA ’00, the Kenyan-born multidisciplinary artist best known for her clay and bronze sculptures and collage paintings, has an exhibition of eight large-scale bronze sculptures at Storm King Art Center. The pieces are on display on Storm King’s Museum Hills until November 8.

Mutu has been going to Storm King in New York’s Hudson Valley, since she was a student at Cooper Union, and later Yale, in the 1990s. “It calls people back and back again, like a place of pilgrimage.” Now, having just finished installing eight large-scale bronze sculptures — she’s come full circle.

Read more about the exhibition and the centerpiece of the “In Two Canoe” (2022), at this New York Times article.

Credit: Sculpture: Wangechi Mutu, “In Two Canoe” (2022). Photo: D’Angelo Lovell Williams