Justine Kurland MFA ’98 on her SCUMB Manifesto Book

Justine Kurland MFA ’98 was recently interviewed by The Guardian about her new book, SCUMB Manifesto, a collection of collaged images from renowned books by white male photographers. The project, Kurland notes, is inspired by Valeria Solanas’s SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto. The acronym for Kurland’s project is the same, with the addition of “B” which stands for books (Society for Cutting up Men’s Books). With SCUMB Manifesto, Kurland pays homage to the wildly transgressive spirit of Solanas, whom she describes in the book as “a revolutionary, a panhandler, prostitute and vagabond, insane, brilliant and very funny”.

You can read more about Kurland’s SCUMB Manifesto at this interview with The Guardian’s Sean O’Hagan.

Photo: Earthly Bodies, 2021. Justine Kurland.