Anoka Faruqee & David Driscoll: Relative Brightness

Anoka Faruqee, Director of Graduate Studies in Painting and Printmaking, is featured in the Koenig & Clinton Gallery in Brooklyn. As described by the gallery’s press release:

Koenig & Clinton is delighted to begin the fall season with Anoka Faruqee & David Driscoll’s Relative Brightness. Faruqee & Driscoll have been collaborators since 2012; this will be their first solo exhibition as a duo with the gallery. The title of the exhibition comes from the idea that the perceived lightness or darkness of colors and objects is completely determined by context, including surrounding colors and lighting conditions. Taking up this perceptual relativity of color and value as their subject matter, Faruqee & Driscoll’s paintings reconstruct the fleeting and intangible effects of light passing through atmosphere.

The exhibition will be on display through mid-October.