Appear to Use

Haim Steinbach MFA ’73 is featured in the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in Los Angeles, California. His exhibition, Appear to Use, is a solo-exhibition, featuring “objects, sculptures, site-specific installations, wall paintings and language-based work.” According to the gallery,

“In this new exhibition Steinbach builds a site-specific architecture, reconstructing the gallery‚Äôs space. Using exposed building materials, such as free-standing stud walls and plasterboard, the artist invites the viewer to rethink the ways in which architecture influences our understanding of object, context, surface, the human body, and the relationships forged between them. Steinbach utilizes these materials as both language and form, engendering an experience where the viewer is invited to navigate the space; raising an awareness to how the body functions in its surroundings, while exploring rhythm, repetition and seriality.”

The display is on through mid-May.