Emma Webster MFA’18 presents Arcadia at the Diane Rosenstein Gallery in Los Angeles starting in February. Her oil paintings depict scenes of wildlife and nature, in a whimsical, yet sometimes dark fashion. The wispy oil pieces were inspired from a recent residency in Aspen, Colorado at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center. According to the gallery,

The show’s title Arcadia alludes to recycled and reassembled notions of nature and art passed down from antiquity. These fake bucolics, where each tree is as much a reflection of its maker’s hands as it is a symbol, point to the ways humanity manipulates nature, seeing nature only as it relates to mankind itself. As in garden design, man contrives his own aesthetic of “natural” beauty despite the existence of another untamed and unpredictable reality. Considering climate change and deforestation, Emma Webster’s landscape as still life rings a warning.

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