Nicola Camerlenghi ’98 profiled by The Dartmouth.

The Dartmouth profiled Nicola Camerlenghi ’98, an art history professor. The article discusses Professor Camerlenghi’s role in the “Mapping Rome” project. In collaboration with other institutions, Camerlenghi helped digitize thousands of resources on Roman history. Through the Dartmouth College Rome Center, this project aims to make these rich historical sources more readily accessible.

He describes what first piqued his interest in Art History, “I started college wanting to be a theatre major, and maybe a physics major. And then I took an art history class my freshman year and it was an enormous class, 400 students, but I had a great professor at Yale University, and I have to say, despite the size, I was pretty much hooked and completely entranced by the subject. In particular, it’s the architecture more than the art, so not paintings or sculptures but buildings. That excited me early on, and I’ve never really let go ever since.”

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