Yale Alumni Launch New Haven Arts Incubator

Titus Kaphar ’06MFA and Jonathan Brand ’07MFA are part of a team of innovative leaders working to expand New Haven’s arts community. The $5.8 million project called Elm City Postmasters would renovate a historic industrial building at 169 Henry Street and transform it into an arts studio for 10 fellows. The project would engage local high school students and is collaborating with the city and state governments.

According to Jason Price, one of the team members, “There’s all these interesting people that live here [in New Haven], but they’re working out of their homes. You have New York Times writers, business professionals and artists: all kinds who move in small circles. Part of this [project] is trying to broaden the circle, to give them a space to collaborate.”

The organizers hope to have the Elm City PostMasters open by 2018. You can find more information at the New Haven Register article here.