Matthew Pillsbury ’95: Sanctuary

Through November 22nd, Benrubi Gallery is displaying the photography of Matthew Pillsbury ’95. The exhibition, Sanctuary, focuses on urban communities and everyday life, but also considers the political context of major cities in our current political discourse. The gallery adds, “Sanctuary shows a wide variety of urban environments, from museums and galas to parades and protests and public plazas and beaches. Some are anonymous, as of high-rise views of the skyline, while others are intimate, as in a woman pausing to read the anti-Trump messages written on a wall of Post-Its in the Union Square subway station. Scenes from the Women’s March on Washington convey both the urgency of the crisis as well as the number of people it affects, whereas images of beachgoers lounging before a luminescent movie screen or wading into the water remind us of the transient nature of congregation. What emerges is a communal portrait of our shared spaces and the way they—literally as well as culturally—bring us together.”