The Art of Amsterdam with John Walsh ’61

The Yale University Art Gallery Luxury Travel Program is planning a trip from May 21-27, 2017 entitled The Art of Amsterdam with John Walsh. According to the program description, “John Walsh has treated the Yale University Art Gallery audiences to lectures and talks on Dutch paintings of the Golden Age. He has now agreed to take a seminar-sized group to Amsterdam to look at many of these masterworks in person. In addition to looking closely at works by Rembrandt, Ruben, Vermeer and others, there will be time for modern art including a visit to the Vincent Van Gogh Museum. The trip features a private concert, access behind-the-scenes, and exquisite meals including a Michelin-starred restaurant.”

“The trip will be at a moderate pace. Participants will explore the city by foot and by boat. Coach transport and train will be utilized for excursions around Amsterdam.”

“Guests will stay at the elegant Pulitzer Hotel, comprised of 25 connecting Golden Age canal houses. This hidden neighborhood gem features intimate guest rooms, tranquil inner gardens, and views of the canal.”


The trip cost begins at $11,000, airfare not included. If you are interested in learning more or registering, please reach out to Jill Westgard at [email protected] or 203.432.0624.