Dana Loberg ’03 Launches Platform for Emoji Artists

Dana Loberg ’03 has co-founded MojiLaLa with Sahin Boydas. MojiLaLa is designed to be a platform for artists to share emojis, similar to Netflix’s model for television shows. Started in 2016, the platform already has over 20,000 emojis and 2,000 contributing emoji artists. For a monthly subscription of $1.99, consumers can access this trove of emojis for access on their devices.

In an interview with Inc. entitled, “This Yale Grad Could Be the Next Emoji Millionaire”, Loberg describes the inspiration for the app, “there are a lot of missing emojis out there, especially when it comes to pop culture and media.” She continues, “We focus on the artists and getting distribution of their sticker packs across major platforms and keyboards globally, competitors are focused on building individual keyboards and emoji packages for big businesses or celebrities.”