Sarah Sze ’91 Timekeeper Exhibition in Copenhagen

From March 10 – September 3, 2017, the Copenhagen Contemporary is featuring Timekeeper by Sarah Sze ’91. In this exhibition, Sze explores how time is perceived in individual memories and experiences, rather analyzing time in a linear sense.

The museum describes Timekeeper as “a complex and immersive installation encompassing projection, light, objects, and sound. In the centre of a darkened room is a dynamic sculptural assemblage of everyday items arranged according to a specific logic: that of a working desk, a site of the studio. Formed, in part, from remnants of the actual editing desk where the work was made, Timekeeper doubles as sculptural installation and as functional tool: a projector of itself. Screens flicker and fade, machines click and whirr, while projected images appear and reappear on the gallery walls and race, cyclically, around the room. This kaleidoscopic encounter echoes the deluge of information we process each day; images and events, at once familiar and strange, coalesce into a suggestion of time as both collapsed and expanded by memory and experience.”

Copenhagen Contemporary is located at Trangravsvej 10-12, 1436 Copenhagen, Denmark. The museum is open from 11 am to 6 pm on Tuesday through Sunday, and remains open until 9 pm on Thursday. Please contact Copenhagen Contemporary at T +45 29 89 72 88 or [email protected] if you have any questions.