Invisible Structures

FRANCO ART PROJECT is opening Invisible Structures, an exhibition of the works of Janna Avner ’12 and Richelle Gribble. According to the gallery,

“Invisible structures convey the unseen organizing forces of greater sociological and ecological changes occurring in daily life. The paintings, prints and drawings of Richelle Gribble and Janna Avner yield hidden, interconnected forms, mappings and underpaintings, which dissolve relationships of the figure-ground. Their immersive webs of life, aerial perspectives, holograph-like landscapes and deconstructed still lifes remind us of the holistic environments we collectively share. These artists reflect on how the figure or “self” is less a discrete entity, but part of the greater ecosystem of totemic forces contributing to tangible and virtual systems of organization that connect and transform the world around us.”

The event’s dress code is cocktail attire and is 21+.